Kernel Group started as dedicated Java development team in 2003. With more than a 16 year long experience we deliver big solutions for businesses. Due to our experience in the application development, our coders are highly skilled professionals. We have developed and implemented:

Eventscanner (2018 - 2019 years)

Eventscanner is a software system that is designed to search for information about events of all shapes and sizes. The search results are generally presented as the listing of events that are returned by Eventscanner in response to a keyword query.

Topeventsales (2018 - 2019 years)

Topeventsales is a website that is designed to visualize ticket sales data. The website uses data from the BIL24 online ticketing platform.

BIL24 Online Ticketing Platform
(2015 - 2019 years)

BIL24 is one of today's fastest-growing ticketing platforms. It houses events of all shapes and sizes. Bil24 software is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use computer system for the entertainment industry. As cloud-based event management software BIL24 gives event organizers tools to create, promote and sell their events. It gives you maximum flexibility and control over all your ticketing, reservations, check-ins, e-payments, customer relations, marketing, accounting, and more. An important and unique feature of BIL24 is connections to external ticketing systems.

SmartBuy (2014 - 2015 years)

SmartBuy is an innovational system, which does not have any direct analogues in the world. The base of the system is the ability to upload and store electronic copies of the receipts by different means, as well as to provide access to the receipts in the client’s account on the system’s website. SmartBuy is the platform for services based on digital receipts. The system has already implemented online series of games "Golden Receipt". SmartBuy’s important feature is the presence of payment system, which allows users to receive funds on their personal account as well as to make payments.

RPC Bill Payment System (2003 - 2014 years)

RPC Bill Payment allows customers to pay all their bills at self-service kiosks. Software developed as part of the project:

- Сentral processing server
- Self-service Kiosk’s software
- Kiosk Network Control system (code sample)
- Fraud prevention system
- Monitoring center
- Desktop and mobile client applications
- Java SDK for CashCode bill acceptors
- Java SDK for the fiscal server, allowing any trade system to incorporate the use of one or more fiscal memory devices for thousands of checkouts.

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